Double Yohimbine


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Double yohimbine – what is it?

Double Yohimbine is a combination of two different types of yohimbine that complement each other and work synergistically to accelerate fat burning.

Alpha-yohimbine or rauwolscyne – an indole alkaloid with stimulant, aphrodisiac and local anesthetic effects, naturally occurring in plants of the genus Rauwolfia and Pausinystalia, along with several other active alkaloids, including yohimbine. Rauwolscine is a stereoisomer of yohimbine, i. that is, it is chemically identical but differs in its three-dimensional orientation.

Rauwolscine is an alpha-2 antagonist that blocks pre- and post-synaptic alpha-2-adrenergic receptors, preventing the release of norepinephrine from cells. Norepinephrine stimulates both alpha and beta receptors in the cell.

Double Yohimbine – Effects

Stimulating the beta-adrenergic receptors leads to fat loss, while stimulating the alpha-2-adrenergic receptors prevents fat loss. Rauwolscine blocks the alpha feedback mechanism, thereby increasing norepinephrine. It also blocks new fat storage by blocking the alpha-2 receptor.

Double Yohimbine – Effects

  • Fat loss [particularly on the stomach, thighs and buttocks]
  • performance increase
  • increase energy
  • Powerful aphrodisiac (improves libido)
  • Eliminates the feeling of tiredness
  • Improves mood and well-being
  • Increases thermogenesis

Double Yohimbine – Dosage

The maximum dosage is 2 tablets. The first dose in the morning on an empty stomach, the second between meals. Drink plenty of water after taking the capsule.


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