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T4 – what is it?

It is a thyroid hormone i.e. thyroxine (commonly known as T4), it is a tyrosine hormone, it is produced by the thyroid gland. T4 is a synthetic version of it, used in medicine to supplement naturally produced thyroxine and speed up metabolism. The synthetic hormone T4 stands out for reducing the symptoms of hypothyroidism. Another effect of T4 is the acceleration of metabolism in people suffering from hypothyroidism. Thyroxine is also used to treat an enlarged thyroid gland and thyroid cancer.

T4 – Use

Athletes of many disciplines use T4 in the final stages of preparation for the competition, in practice it was believed that the last phase of reduction cycles or the so-called “cutting” with the addition of thyroid hormone and normally T4 he follows.

Even though T4 much weaker than T3, it is gaining more and more popularity. This is because thyroxine is slightly more active in its action on the muscles and works synergistically with growth hormone. So if we use growth hormone, it is of course ideal to use it with T4 to combine, and by adding an appropriate diet, we can expect amazing results.

T4 – dosage

For athletes it is usually 25 mcg, i.e. half a tablet at the beginning of the preparation. The dose can be gradually increased to the whole tablet. You should not take more than two tablets per day. The same principle applies to drug withdrawal. In the beginning we reduce the dose by half and only stop it completely after a few days.This type of withdrawal stimulates your own thyroid to work. The period in which we should use the drug should not be longer than 5 weeks. And the next series can be started after a break of at least 2 months.

The drug is best taken on an empty stomach half an hour before a meal and washed down with water. This type of intake increases absorption.

T4 – Effects

– more effective and faster breakdown of adipose tissue

T4 – side effects

With reasonable and responsible dosage T4 no side effects. However, as with most steroids or hormones, some side effects cannot be avoided or they can occur. If used improperly, the following can be expected: loss of muscle mass, cardiac arrhythmias may occur. Another issue to watch out for is negative thyroid feedback. This effect can reduce the natural production of thyroid hormones, and as we already know, low hormone levels can lead to a decrease in metabolism.

Laboratory studies have shown that the enzyme that activates the production of thyroid hormones decreases when the number of calories and carbohydrates in the diet is reduced.


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