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Sexup – what is it?

SexUP is an innovative combination of two ingredients – PT-141 [Bremelanotide] and Oxytocin, which have a major impact on our session life, increasing libido, empathy and dopamine. They are perfect for treating sex drive disorders in both women and men.

SexUp – Effects

The combination of these two substances in our SexUp product, the so-called love elixir, is the perfect solution for everyone. In addition to the above advantages, it has a number of other properties.

  • improvement of sex life
  • increase in libido
  • improving interpersonal relationships,
  • increase empathy,
  • reduction of social anxiety,
  • helps to overcome phobias,
  • supports stress reduction by reducing cortisol,
  • also helps to overcome shyness.

SexUp vs Viagra

SexUp [PT-141 and Oxytocin] are the best sex drive enhancing substances. Unlike Viagra [Sildenafil], it does not raise your blood pressure. Another difference is that SexUp acts directly on the nervous system and increases libido, not potency.

It's also worth noting that on June 21, 2019, the FDA officially approved the peptide bremelanotide (PT-141) for the treatment of sex drive disorders.

SexUp – Dosage

Funds are taken with the help of an intranasal nebulizer. It is the most effective form of taking peptides and at the same time the safest. The prepared preparation should be stored in the refrigerator. The package contains a leaflet with the recommended dosage and instructions.

SexUp – what is included in the kit?

Ampoule with securely sealed product

Bacteriostatic water 10ml

Atomizer 10ml

preparation kit


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